The meeting will focus on how transport to and from the construction site can be more environmentally friendly and climate-friendly and generally contribute to a better urban environment. We will illustrate what kind of vehicles / vehicles we look forward to, the type of fuel, how to efficiently utilize capacity in both vehicles and streets / roads (minor disadvantages for the city) and overall developing logistics in a sustainable way. This will also be seen in conjunction with current instruments such as supplier development, use of innovation contracts (formerly IFU / OFO), partnership models, etc.


  • Director Eli Grimsby, Culture and sports building KF in Oslo. Experiences and thoughts about how a municipal enterprise and a builder can contribute to green mobility and lead in sustainable urban development. They have begun looking at this in the wake of a very successful investment in “green construction sites”.

See Elis’s presentation here:

  • Hege Hansesveen, environmental manager at Veidekke ASA, who is at the forefront of a comprehensive approach to environment and climate, both on the developer and entrepreneurial side.

See Heges presentation here:

  • Cecilie Møller Endresen, NHO / Supplier Development Program, who is concerned with how the program can contribute to both sustainable cities and a more competitive business community.

See Cecilie’s presentation here:

We will as usual emphasize dialogue and participation and think this is a good opportunity to discuss cooperation and project opportunities.

The meeting is organized in cooperation with NHO Buskerud and the National Program for Supplier Development.

Time and place:

12 February 2018 08.00-10.00

Record Bar, Tollbugata 4, Drammen
(200 meters from the hub of Drammen Station)


Photo: CC Jakob Montrasio