Commute Greener is a mobility service that motivates more people to choose environmentally friendly means of transportation. The Commute Greener app shows how much CO2 emissions provide different travel choices. There are points for travel that are carried on foot, by bicycle, by public transport and through car sharing. Earned points can be used to buy bus tickets, shop in stores, etc. The app shows how much one’s personal CO2 emissions are over time, which allows you to compete with yourself and with others. Existing app can be further developed and adapted to local conditions, goals and actors. For example, to stimulate increased city life in the city center, extra points can be given to travel environmentally friendly in and into the city center. Earned points can be used in downtown shops and cafes.

Commute Greener is designed to work in a local area / region and is based on collaboration between transport operators, municipalities and more. The app was developed by Volvo for use in Gothenburg region.

Green Mobility Network conducted a workshop (2015) to explore the possibilities for conducting a pilot project in Drammen based on the Commute Greener concept. Magnus Kuschel, PocketWeb Gothenburg, is central to the establishment and development of the Commute Greener service, and contributed to the workshop. Participants were actors who will be important in project development and implementation, including the city of Vår Drammen, Sektor Eiendom, Drammen Municipality and the Buskerudbysekretariat.

Vestre Viken Helseforetak has conducted a travel survey that shows that a large proportion of the employees commute by car and that car park offers are a challenge at some of the hospitals. Vestre Viken has taken the opportunity to start using the Commute Greener service to motivate more employees to travel with green transportation.

Photo: CC / Roland Tanglao