Green mobility network
Transport 2.0 – Network for Green Mobility is a collaboration established on the basis of the need for conversion to a more sustainable transport system. Since 2014, the network has collaborated on establishing innovation projects, contributing to relevant research and competence development. It is an open network for anyone who wishes to contribute to conversion to more sustainable mobility.

The network facilitates participation by public administration, industry, research and education institutions and voluntary organizations. The geographical center of gravity for projects and activities is in the municipalities west of Oslo.

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The background for the conference:
In its new Transport 2025 program, the Research Council of Norway emphasizes that ongoing planning and development work has to be supplemented with a heavier focus on research, innovation and competence. The EU’s Flagship for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020, now establishes “Smart, Green and Integrated Transport” as a new program.

We took the opportunity to highlight the importance of innovation, research and expertise in the development of tomorrow’s transport solutions: Transport 2.0. Through exciting current projects, we showed the opportunity to engage in the development of smarter solutions. The conference was therefore also aimed at developing ideas for actions in their own business. Parts of the conference served as a workshop.

About the organizers:

SmartCity Bærum is a partnership between the municipality and the business community in Bærum. The goal is to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through joint projects and cooperation. The main idea is to limit climate emissions by developing new technologies, routines and organizational measures to bring about “green” solutions while promoting more environmentally friendly business development with good profitability.

Vestregionen is a regional cooperative body for 16 municipalities west of Oslo, together with the municipalities in Akershus and Buskerud. The west region has three priority areas: Regional development where land use and transport are a key focus area, health and culture. The cooperation will, among other things, contribute to good area and transport solutions that enable population growth to be managed in a socially good and sustainable manner.

Electric Mobility Norway is a cluster of companies that cooperate and seize the business opportunities in the electric car market. Together, Electric Mobility Norway develops, tests and commercialises products that make it much better to drive electric cars. This gives the electric car a central place in the future transport system.

Buskerudbysamarbeidet is a collaboration between five municipalities, county municipality and four state offices in Norway’s 5th largest city region, extending from Lier to Kongsberg. In order to meet future population and traffic growth and avoid queues and chaos, cooperation on a comprehensive transport system is necessary. One of the measures that is co-operated is ReisSmart, which focuses on efficient and environmentally friendly travel to / from work and in private businesses.